Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Process Questions

How do I apply for a role? 

At the bottom of each job advert you will see the “apply now” button. When you click this, you will be taken to the ‘Applicant log in’ page, where you will either log in or create an account.

Once you have logged in you will be able to upload your CV and cover letter. You will also need to complete the job specific section of the application form.

You can find out more about our recruitment process by visiting our How we hirepage. 

How do I register / de-register for job alerts?

Once you’ve set up your account, you can opt-in to receive 'job alerts' specifically for the type of job you are looking for. Once we advertise a job that matches your interests, you will receive an automated email advising you of the job details.

You can enable or disable this function at any time. To do this:

  • log into the Education Careers site
  • click on the ‘View profile’ button
  • under the ‘Options’ dropdown menu, select ‘Job alerts’.

Can I post or email my application directly?

No. All applications must be completed online via our Education Careers website.

Why do I have to apply online via the Education Careers site?

We want a fair and consistent approach for all our candidates.

By applying through our recruitment system, your information will be kept in a safe place. The site is also the most effective way to make sure nothing is missed during the recruitment process. For example, the online application includes mandatory declarations such as privacy. It may also include additional questions to support your application.

Can I upload multiple CVs and cover letters for different roles?

Yes. Each time you apply for a role you can upload a new CV and cover letter. This means you can tailor your CV and cover letter to each role you apply for

Who do I address my cover letter to?

It is not a requirement for you to address your cover letter to someone and for this reason most candidates address their letter 'To whom it may concern' or ‘Tēnā koe’.

Your application will be reviewed by the hiring manager along with other individuals who are part of the recruitment process such as the recruiter or interview panel member.

How can I view the jobs that I have applied for?

When you log in to your profile, click on ‘Jobs applied’. You will then be able to see your application history and all the information regarding your application(s). This will include your CV, cover letter, application responses and the status of your application(s).

What if I am a former employee and want to apply for a job?

You will need to create a new profile as part of the application process. When you register you will be asked if you have worked for us previously – this is where you should indicate that you had worked with us before.

Why do you have diversity and inclusion questions in your application form?

We ask about gender, disability, and ethnicity so that we can track how well we are doing as an inclusive employer and to analyse the equity of our recruitment process. These questions are optional for all candidates.

This is also where you can advise the recruiter if you need extra support or adjustments through the recruitment process.

International applicants

If you're applying from overseas without an eligible work visa, there are a few things you need to consider. Before starting the application process, visit Immigration New Zealand or contact your nearest NZ Immigration branch for more information on migrating to New Zealand and visa eligibility.

Recruitment questions

Who can see my application once it has been received?

Your application can be viewed by the hiring manager, interview panel and the recruitment team.

All applications will be confidential. All recruitment and selection processes comply with the relevant legislation, including the Children's Act, the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act, the Employment Relations Act, the Fair Trading Act, the Human Rights Act, the Official Information Act, the Privacy Act and the Public Service Act. This includes compliance with the Ministry’s pre-employment screening process, which, depending on the role, is police vetting, credit checking, qualification verification and NZSIS clearance. 

When will I find out about the outcome of my application?

The length of our recruitment process can vary for each advertised position based on the number of applications we receive and how long we advertise for. Once all applications have been considered for the role, which can take up to two weeks, you will be notified on the outcome of your application. You can also view the status of your application by logging into your profile.

When will my referees be contacted?

Referees will be contacted after your interview and when we have sought your permission. Before giving us contact details, please check with your referees that they are comfortable for us to contact them. We conduct our reference checks via telephone.

A relevant referee would be someone whom you’ve worked closely with in the last five years. It should include someone you have reported to, such as a current or previous manager or supervisor who can comment on your performance and experience.  You can also consider listing someone who worked closely with you as a team member, peer or key stakeholder at work or in the community.

What are the different types of employment?

Permanent full time: No specified end date and working a minimum of 38 hours per week.

Permanent part-time: No specified end date and working less than 38 hours per week.

Casual: No set or fixed hours where the employee is called in 'as available/required' for work.

Fixed term: A specified timeframe with a set finish date; could be full-time or part-time hours. 

Does the Ministry offer remote jobs or flexible working arrangements?

We offer our people genuine flexibility in the way we work, enabling our people to find a rhythm to their working week that creates a good work-life balance. If a recruiter or hiring manager contacts you about a job, please discuss your specific flexible working requirements with them.

How can I learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | the Ministry of Education?

Visit our Work With Us page to learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion mission, policies, and programmes.

System related questions

I forgot my login username / password to my profile. How do I retrieve this?

Please use the ‘“Forgot your username?”’ or ‘“Forgot your password?”’ links from the login page.  Go to the ‘Vacancies’ page of this site and click on the “View vacancies available” button. Then click on the “Sign-in” button (top right corner) to access the login page.

What happens after I submit my application online?

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming receipt. Make sure you check your email inbox regularly for any other emails from us.

I’m experiencing technical issues with my application. What do I do?

If you find you are facing any technical issues when creating your profile and submitting your application, please clear your web cookies, and/or use another browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, etc.).

Accepted file format types for documents are: .docx, .pdf, .csv, image and .text. We do not accept files with macros, and each document should not exceed 5 MB.

How do I withdraw my application?

You can do this by logging into your online profile & selecting the relevant job you wish to withdraw from. The hiring manager or recruiter may follow up to better understand your reasons for withdrawing

What if I want to remove my information/profile?

If you wish to remove your registration/profile from our Education Careers site, you can do so by following these steps: 

1.    Log into your candidate profile
2.    Under the Options menu, select Settings 
3.    Select Delete Profile
4.    Confirm your action and select Delete All Data

This will mean that your candidate profile will be deleted and automatically withdrawn from any active applications. You will no longer receive any job alerts from us about current vacancies. 

Should you wish to apply for any future roles with us, you will have to create a new profile as your previous information will not have been saved.  

Still have questions?

The Sourcing and Selection team can help.

Email with your query and someone from the team will get back to you.